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Shalom Anglican is a new church  that’s just getting started. We’d love to get to know you and answer any questions you may have. We also appreciate your patience as we build a new church together.

What To Expect

Many of our visitors are new Anglicanism or liturgical worship. If that's you. Welcome!  Most of us come from non-liturgical backgrounds as well so you’re in good company. Liturgy just means, “the work of the people.” It describes our common practice of prayer and worship together. Our service is divided into two parts. The liturgy of the word (Scripture readings and a sermon) and the liturgy of the table (Holy Communion). Everything you need is in your printed bulletin which will be handed to you on the way in. Follow along as is comfortable for you. Our service is a time to worship and meet with God. We invite you to relax and open your heart to the Holy Spirit as we pray, sing, and hear God’s word together. Also, don’t worry if there are parts of the liturgy that you don’t fully understand. Each week we typically explain a different part of our service and so please come back again and you’ll learn more.
A typical service lasts an hour and twenty minutes.

What About Kids

Children of all ages are always welcome in our worship services. We welcome their cries and wiggles! In fact, in our liturgy children play a key role. You’ll see them serving in various ways. We also provide some activity sheets and crayons for your kids to have during the service which you can receive as you come in. In addition to that we’ll invite the kids up for a short message every Sunday. Our goal for families is that you would primarily experience worship together. Anglican worship gives lots of moments for movement and participation which can help kids as they follow along in the bulletin and participate in our common prayer. If you need to take your child out of the service feel free to take them downstairs in our coffee area. Our plan is to launch Shalom Kids in the near future which will provide a 30 minute children’s liturgy outside of the main service. Stay tuned for coming details!

Our Weekly Worship Service

Sunday Mornings

10:00 am

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